Pure Joy!

11×14 Oil

When a customer first sent me photos of her grandson on a horse and asked if I could paint it for Christmas,  I whined.  I really did.  I stressed over it and wondered if I could make it happen.  Horse legs seem very complicated!   I learned that these two are involved in a horse therapy program.   The more I worked with the subject, the more I became drawn to this determined rider and this kind horse and how I could best express the emotion of their relationship.

I painted it this way.  I love the results.  But the best part of this painting experience was the message I received from the grandmother:

“He keeps coming back and picking up the painting and says ‘Mimi, it is beautiful.’ Thank you again for bringing love through your paintings.”  

This is pure joy to an artist when someone as special as he sees beauty in the artwork and feels love from it.  This affirms why I paint.  This challenges me to do more to express love and peace through my art.  This reminds me that it is a gift from God.  May I always glorify Him.   May I always be grateful for every opportunity.