Commissioned paintings are a little more than the price of my regular paintings due to the extra time that goes into making sure you, the client, are totally happy with the piece.  I want you to love it!

I need a good quality photo from which to work – good composition, good lighting with contrast of darks and lights…   If photos are not available, I can take one for an additional charge.  I prefer to go on location for a house portrait or landscape.

Be ready to discuss subject,  size, landscape or portrait orientation, color schemes, and time frame for when the painting is needed.

I will send a photo of painting when I am nearing completion and make sure we are on the same page.  A few revisions can be made.  Like I said, I want you to love it!

Estimated Prices:
11×14 – $175
16×20 – $275
18×24 – $350
30×40 – $500
other sizes available