Around the Curve
Around the Curve
18×24 Oil

My husband loves to walk in unknown territory.  Take a walk in a park with him and he is sure to leave the path.  Land uncharted, thick woods without paths, hills to climb and overlooks to view… now, that is his type of hiking!  Even when we have a path, he is the one to say, “let’s see just around that curve!” and the hike continues a little longer.  Are you getting the picture?

There is something about the possibility of seeing just around a curve that brings hope.  You don’t know what is ahead, but you can always hope.  Maybe the view will be better.  Maybe there is light around the corner. Maybe there is a clean restroom!

In this life, we are reminded to hold on to hope.  “I hope you get well.”   “I hope things work out for you.”  ” I hope the world doesn’t fall apart.”   Hopes and dreams can be shallow.  Yet, hope is what causes us to push ahead,  to get out of bed and see the sun rise, to keep living on this earth, until we have our hope of heaven with God.

Just Around the Curve — keep hoping!  and praying, and serving, and loving.