30 in 30

This is the page where I will be posting 30 paintings in 30 days!  Stay tuned!

Look for it.  Hold me accountable.  Help me grow.

Here is a link to the 30 in 30 Challenge, if you would like to join in!  Look at the map of artists from all over the world.   And there I am listed in Thomson, GA!!


Day One – 30 Day Journey
Day Two – Morning Light -6×8 acrylic
Day Three – In A Different Light
5×7 acrylic
Melanie Stokes Art
Day Four – “Labor Day”
11×14 Oil

I painted this one from a photo over several days.  I’m taking a Labor Day Holiday today!  I love the work ethic of these two munchkins.  Fall is in the air!


Day 5 – A Memory
11×14 acrylic

From my photo and memory of experience.

From the Top of the Driveway
8×10 Oil

We live on a hill with a steep driveway.  One gray morning, I set up at the top of the driveway and painted this.  That is the open garage to the right.  Just over that ridge is a steep descent to the road.  It was a morning of solitude with my thoughts.

Day 7 – Reflective River
9×12 Oil
(work in progress)

I am in Blue Ridge for the Plein Air Paintout.  So today I painted in two locations.   This is one of them.  It’s unfinished, but it sure was a lot of fun being there and painting.  Stay tuned!

Blue Ridge Mountains
9×12 oil

Today I participated in my first Quick Draw.  That means I painted this in a one hour timed competition.   My goal was just not to be embarrassed!  The location was a vineyard in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  With all the straw hats of Plein Air painters and rows of vineyards, I thought I was in France!  A fun day!

Morning on Depot Street – Blue Ridge, GA 
9×12 Oi

More painting in Blue Ridge, GA — What a beautiful morning I had watching the town come to life!  (That four-colored building on the right is the Gartrell Gallery – you can find my paintings there.)  Go upstairs and visit!

Day 10 – Standing in the Storm – http://melaniestokesart.com/blog/

Day 11 – Not able to post due to aftermath of Hurricane Irma – power down, along with trees!

Day 12 –

A Little Corner 
5×7 oil

Here is a little 5×7 done in about an hour one day.  Not today, because we are still without power and cleaning up after the storm.  I did paint a bit this morning.  But some days, it ‘s just not worth posting.  Pulling out one from reserve, today.



Day 13 –

Once Upon A Time…
24×30 Oil

Named so, because it takes my mind to long ago and far away.  No place in particular, but I’m sure there is a story there just waiting to be told.  Use your imagination!

A Little Light on the Subject
6×8 Oil

Day 14 – and day 4 of not having power (after Hurricane Irma).  When you paint outside, lack of electricity is not an immediate problem.  There are still abundant sticks in my yard, but for this morning…I painted.

A Pot of Marigolds
5×7 Oil

Day 15 – A quick 5×7 from my backyard.  A wisp of a painting!

8 AM Daylight 9×12 Oil

Day 16 – I’m addicted to this daily painting!  It is Saturday and I was on my front porch painting by 8 a.m!  Trying to learn how to capture it in less than an hour, for the light and shadows are so ever-changing.

Lake at Mercier Orchards
9×12 Oil

Day 17 – Last Saturday, I was in Blue Ridge, GA, painting out at Mercier Apple Orchards. What a gorgeous place!  I set up lakeside to enjoy the view and paint en plein air.  If you haven’t been lately, not only do they have delicious apples, but plenty of family fun to attract crowds of mountain tourists.  It’s hard to imagine all the activity of a parking lot behind me when we look toward this peaceful view.  It’s all about what you choose to see!

Sky and Earth
5×7 Oil

Day 18 – A 5×7 painted from a photo of the orchards in Blue Ridge.  I see a lot that needs tweaking, but will go ahead and post it for today.

Winter’s Night
18×34 Oil

Day 19 – Yes, it is 90 degrees outside on this September day and I am painting snow.  Why?  Sometimes, art happens.   I took a photo of this house in Blue Ridge summer and the background evolved.   Cooler weather and seasons of winter are ahead.

5×7 Oil

Day 20 – I noticed the light on the bluebird house this morning.  It was in my line of vision from the studio door.  I was trying to be true to my commitment to paint outside for 30 days on this hot, muggy day.  So I settled for the doorway with the AC in the background!  The birdhouse is unoccupied by bluebirds, presently.  But always there, waiting for their arrival.